Your Stories

We welcome you to share the stories of your experiences with Wet Paint Syndrome on the comments section of this page. We are always glad to receive your feedback!


  1. This is easy. I love Wet Paint Syndrome. Every time I've gone there, I've had interesting discussions with Kris and other people there. One time Kris helped me select the perfect painting for my newly renovated kitchen. I'm so proud to have one of Kris's works greeting everyone to my kitchen!

    Cathy Terrell

  2. I am so happy with the mural Kris recently created on a high wall in my home! I had been drawn to his seven guardians painting, so he worked with me to create a wonderful picture of seven guardians seen through opened clouds. Kris was very sensitive to my ideas and intuitive in regards to what I envisioned. I loved watching him work, enjoyed our conversations, and am in awe of the finished product!