Artist's Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of intention and accident.

I embrace experimentation as an essential part of my daily practice. I am guided by my intuition in much of my work whether I am painting with repurposed bicycle parts or determining places in an urban landscape where a painting should be positioned.
I am haunted by images. They are never in short supply for me, and I have few inhibitions in releasing them in the world or into the hands of others.

I am interested in visionary artists, ephemera, and the ideas that infiltrate the established order with unexpected humor and hope.

In my studio, I experiment with traditional materials and found objects to create marks. I splatter, splash, slash, slather, and scrape surfaces with an energy that is meant to linger with the work.

My creative practice has ranged from painting, drawing, documentary video, performance art, playwriting, personal essay, poetry, Web design, digital sequences, and experimental pedagogy. As an interdisciplinary artist, the specific meaning I am making determines the appropriateness of the tools I choose to employ.

A seminary drop-out, in my body of work I struggle frequently with my Southern Baptist roots, my Episcopal confirmation, and my long-standing personal investigation of the roles of pastors, priests, and prophets. More and more, I am drawn toward ancient lines of mystic teachers as spiritual mentors and sources of questions that surface in my work.

In this vein, I consider my time in the studio to be a manual act of contemplative prayer.