Monday, December 22, 2014

Elevating Angels: About A Certain Poor Shepherd

Every year St. Christopher's Episcopal Church holds a Christmas Eve service for families. This year it will be at 4pm on Dec. 24th. At this service, children act out the story of Jesus' birth.

As long as we have had children, we have participated in this service. Michael, our oldest, usually is a shepherd. His younger sisters are usually sheep. Last year Allie and Caroline insisted on wearing hot pink tutus with their sheep costumes. With a 20 month-old and a 3 year-old sheep, it was good to have a shepherd who is used to herding young sheep. Michael did a great job making sure Allie and Caroline stayed corralled in the right places and got home safely to our pew. He has a lot of experience helping us guide those two girls.

This year, his sisters have been elevated to a new role. They are going to be angels announcing the birth of the Christchild. Sudden outbursts and joyful exuberance that may strike fear into the hearts of shepherds is kind of their pace right now. 

As I was painting my Guardian angels in the studio this week, I could not help but chuckle thinking about my angels in these new roles. Poor Michael. He spent the last few years helping his little sisters. Now they have been promoted to the roles of telling him where to go and what to do!  Michael is getting practice with this at home from them this year as well.

We brought the costumes home and Patrice has been making a few alterations on the sewing machine. Enjoy this silly photo shoot as a little gift. It should be quiet a service with lively actors like these! 

May the joy of Christmas and a message of hope find a place in your heart this season. Peace on the Earth! Goodwill to all people!

Merry Christmas from Wet Paint Syndrome!

Thank you for all of your continued encouragement and support!

Kris Neely

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