About Wet Paint

Why Wet Paint Syndrome?

"Wet Paint Syndrome" is a colloquial expression that refers to the human impulse to disobey direct warnings. It is derived from the observed behavior that many people are more likely to touch a wall with a WET PAINT sign than a wall with no sign at all.

In 2009, Kris Neely needed more space to create an art show consisting of 30 large banners on recycled materials. Many friends and family members cautioned him that opening a studio outside of his garage was unwise in the economy at the time. He had to disregard the warnings and give it a shot.

Wet Paint Syndrome, LLC was born as a professional art studio! Kris still sees the business as an evolving installation and performance art project.

As an artistic venture, Wet Paint Syndrome, LLC is a project that explores the boundaries between arts institutions, commercial galleries, and non-profit organizations. Wet Paint Syndrome is an intentional examination of art patronage, art spaces, art value, art communities, and art culture.

We appreciate your continued support for this homegrown, creative venture.